To whom it may concern:

After searching and investigating many electrical engineering and design companies throughout the United States, we wisely chose Dynamic Solutions to engineer and design our product. Although many companies were capable to engineer and design our product, most were too busy fulfilling Military and Government contracts leaving little if any time to meet our needs.   We always felt that we were put on the back burner and they would work on our project as time permitted.   We spent years with companies who could only give us excuses and bold promises.   Our luck changed when we met Brian Havlovick the Chief Engineer for Dynamic Solutions. After our two hour interview with Mr. Havlovick it was exceeding clear to us that he had the expertise, knowledge, and desire needed to engineer and design our product. Upon further meetings and teleconferences, our confidence in his all around ability has only multiplied.   There are many parts to the equation when selecting someone to engineer and design a product. Mr. Brian Havlovick has surpassed all expectations, we here at Freestraint Inc., have had.   We are looking forward to doing further business with Dynamic Solutions, as the engineering process never ends.

If you have any questions or concerns that were not covered in the above letter, feel free to call or write us.


Jerome M. Stafford VP.

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